BlueStone Group has partnered up with one of Ontario’s leading home production companies, Guildcrest Homes.

Each home is thoroughly inspected throughout the process and BlueStone is confident that high-quality modular housing will become the standard demanded by new home buyers in the near future. Building indoors offers clear advantages in material protection, worker comfort and superior quality control, especially in our northern climate. Modular home building also permits more efficient material usage and better waste management practices.

BlueStone implements a 7-Step Building Process that will allow you to rest easy while we take care of all the heavy lifting. Our experienced and dedicated team will be available any time through beautifully designed software that will enable you to track our entire progress. Our software program gives you to access a calendar to view what is happening each day, photos of the project during development, and a robust messaging system to allow you to contact your project manager at any time!

Step 1 – Price out your new home online!

Before we get to work, Bluestone has created an online estimator that will allow you to calculate the basic cost of your home before spending a dime on consultation fees and trips to our factory. Use this tool to set up your dream home before coming to see us!

Step 2 – Meet and Greet!

After you have built out the initial concept of your home we can get to the fun part! BlueStone offers a wide variety of designs that may fit your needs. Don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem. Our experienced designers can completely customize your home to bring your vision to life. BlueStone will also look at existing drawings and determine whether a modular design is the right fit for your project.

Step 3 – Design Development

Upon approval of the initial design concept our team will discuss interior finishing specifications such as lighting, appliances, and plumbing fixtures, as well as exterior design selections such as primary exterior material, accent exterior material, roof type, architectural style and doors/windows. Once finalized, BlueStone will create a new set of building plans to accurately determine the project scope, details and final budget.

Step 4 – Construction

This is the exciting part! Using our builders’ software, you can stay up to date during the 8-12 week production cycle as our workshop builds your dream home in a safe, clean indoor environment away from the effects of our northern weather. Watch in real time as our production coordinators post pictures and videos of your home as it’s being built!

Step 5 – On Site

During the construction of your home within our workshop, our team will begin preparing your site for demolition, excavation for the foundation, footings and groundwork, electrical services, back fill and rough grading. BlueStone will establish everything on site so that the modules can be delivered and installed efficiently on crane day. Imagine being able to visualize how your home will look in the morning, then walking through the door to your new home that night!

Step 6 – The Finishing Touch

Once your home has been connected together and fully secured into position, our site crew will begin to work on the exterior siding and roofing, all mechanical and electrical connections, finishing’s and touch ups. This process usually takes 4-8 weeks and upon approval, we being installing the appliances and fixtures. 

Step 7 – Move In!

The day has arrived! After a final cleaning and once all inspections are complete to ensure there are no deficiencies, you will be able to move in. At this time, all you have left to do is a quick sign off and enjoy a complementary bottle of champagne so you can toast to your new dream home!