Where Can I Get an Actual Price List?

Prices can vary depending on which options, size, and finishing you choose. Our prices include fully finished, turnkey home solutions. BlueStone also offers appliances, demolition of existing structures, and excavation and pouring of your foundation. The best way to receive accurate pricing is to contact our team and discuss all of the possibilities.

What is your average price per square foot?

Our price per square foot ranges from $160 - $300+, depending on if your home is completely custom, and which options and finishing you choose. We can design and build anything to fit your budget. 

What are the advantages to building modular over traditional “Stick Framing”?

Our homes are built in a controlled warm climate, away from the damage of rain and snow. Our homes are built using environmentally friendly materials and are monitored using CSA inspectors throughout the entire build process. Since 80% of the home is built in the workshop there is less neighborhood disruption and less waste.

Can you design a completely custom home?

Absolutely. If you choose not to use our selection of models and designs we can completely customize your home to meet your needs. You can modify our existing plans or bring us your own drawings and designs and allow our team to walk you through our 7-Step Building Process.

How long does it take to build a home?

This too can vary depending on whether you are selecting one of our existing models or completely customizing your own. While traditional stick framing builders take 9-18 months, our process is greatly reduced. Once the design/drawing process is finished BlueStone needs six months or less to completely finish the building process from top to bottom, and hand you over the keys!

Is my home covered by a warranty?

All BlueStone homes are covered by a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty as well as 1 year structural Tarion Warranty which gives homeowners comfort knowing they can call us back at any time!

Do you finish the basement and build the garage?

Yes of course! We can customize your basement any way you like and build the garage on site.

What am I responsible for?

The only thing BlueStone needs from you is the land! Once you have acquired the land and permits, BlueStone can begin the design and building process immediately. BlueStone will work with you throughout the entire process to provide a complete turnkey solution to site preparation.

What makes you more environmentally friendly?

Unlike traditional stick buildings that use countless garbage bins filled with construction scraps, our process creates almost zero waste because the entire process is built in our workshop. Our process is streamlined in the workshop using the greenest materials, finishes and technologies possible.

Do you build homes traditionally?

Of course. BlueStone will always recommend modular construction as the building process is higher quality, less wasteful and more consistent but if you prefer a hybrid or completely site-built home, then we offer those services as well.

Is building modular more expensive?

Our costs are roughly the same, however building modular will reduce the building time, which will reduce carrying costs and increase the time it takes for you to move in. 

What size homes do you build?

As custom builders, we can build virtually any size home. Our homes can range from 800 sq. ft. to 5000 sq. ft. We can build detached homes, town homes, cottages/chalets, semi-detached homes and even commercial buildings. Once you have secured the land we can build the home.